Navegação inclusiva

Optimization of a website for eye tracking

Um desenho virtual partilhado
Susana Sofia Pereira
  • Inclusive design
  • accessibility
  • usability
  • interface
  • eye-tracking

This project proposes the optimization of the homepage of the West Lisbon Hospital. As the web page of a public facility that provides essential services to the population, it is considered important its adaptation to the particular needs of its users.

The adaptation process involved the reorganization of pre-existing information in order to facilitate the public’s navigation in accordance with principles of accessibility, more specifically, its adequacy to eye tracking navigation by people with motor disabilities. Given that this control works through eye movement, access buttons should have a considerable click area, information hierarchy should be accurate and navigation should be simple and intuitive.

In a previous assessment of the original website, various aspects in need of optimization were detected, including contrast between background and typeface, color palette and information structure. Based on this analysis, we highlighted the hits, adapted the relative size of the contents and decreased color contrast, considering that this group of users tends to suffer from eyestrain. In this manner, the project seeks to improve the accessibility of the homepage without changing its contents.