SUZCA (Sensoria Utópica para o Zénite Celestial Avérneo)

Deceiving spiritual encastlement of a disposable condition permissible to monetary viability

Um desenho virtual partilhado
Ricardo de Sousa
  • self-design
  • ideology
  • religion
  • appropriation
  • plagiarism
  • edition

SUZCA is a spiritual movement derived from pre-existing religious cults — largely founded on the principles of self-design defined by Manuel Buerger — whose utopian goal includes contact with higher infernal extraterrestrial entities. The project creates a new ideological movement on the basis of contents collected from pre-existing material. A white-label religion with an epicenter on the “self” and purely contradictory.

The project is composed of six publications of variable formats that are sold as a single product. All publications are small in format, each of which represents a rise in the hierarchical ladder of religion. Each volume is subjected to a content management strategy, which sets it apart from the rest, in order to evoke a progression logic.

The publication seeks to establish itself as a criticism of itself and of the condition that it serves. It is directed mainly towards financial profit through the exploration of the limits of common sense, by testing the maximum level at which the references can be reformulated, re-appropriate and re-packaged. This process results in a new product (SUZCA) whose potential for expansion alludes to a sense of infinite continuity through a cumulative process of constant information recycling.