Reading as Writing

Visualization of the reading process

Um desenho virtual partilhado
Interactive installation
Pedro Mota
  • reading
  • text
  • page
  • composition
  • non-linearity
  • temporality

“A text's unity lies not in its origin but in its destination”. This quote from Roland Barthes emphasizes the importance of the reader in the actualization of the literary work and its role in creating new interpretations and versions of the text read. Reading as Writing aims at highlighting the act of reading as a creative act by proposing a way of recording and communicating this process.

Upon the screen reading of texts by Jay David Bolter, Michel de Certeau and Roland Barthes (as the conceptual basis of this project) and considering the ways in which the cursor scrolls the text, the reading process is simulated and the movements and pauses of the interface are analyzed, according to pre-established rules, in order to define new configurations of the text read.

The spatial structure of the represented text conveys the temporal sequence of the reading of the original text. Thus, a visual expression is given to the invisible act of reading, which, in the end, is formalized as a printed object.