Fronteiras e não-fronteiras

The atlas as a fragmentary (re)orientation system

Um desenho virtual partilhado
Miguel Almeida
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  • information
  • borders

The information that we receive daily is often the most sensationalist and tends to touch merely the surface of very complex problems. This type of news coverage has an unstable dynamic, being initially more intense and then intermittent. This variance creates a gap in the understanding of a conflict, either by lack of information or historical context. On the basis of that premise, Fronteiras e Não-fronteiras (Frontiers and Non-frontiers) explores today’s physical borders and informational boundaries, establishing itself as an atlas that depicts the extent and complexity of international conflicts.

This editorial project includes three volumes describing problems such as propaganda, migration, asylum and life in refugee camps. More than a documentary archive, the structure of each volume seeks to promote a critical reflection.