artifacts and narratives of the geological museum

Um desenho virtual partilhado
Mobile application
Maria Margarida Lourenço
  • interface
  • navigation
  • experience
  • narrative
  • museography

The Geological Museum of Lisbon has unique characteristics when compared to other museological institutions. Its interior design, the arrangement of its collections, as well as the exhibition furniture, characteristic of the XXth century museology, turns this institution into a 'Museum of Museums", according to the experts. Recognizing its unique character and in order to explore the assets of this institution, 27x4 is a mobile application that takes as raw material a set of twenty-seven artifacts of the museum's permanent exhibition and presents them according to four narratives.

The project seeks to reveal the peculiarities of the museum's content while providing a dynamic user experience through different options for exploring the artifacts. Presenting a graphical interface composed of interactive tables, this application seeks to complement the museum experience, inside and outside its premises.