Visualizing Montage:

on the climax of suspense

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Ana Filipa Mendes
  • montage
  • cinema
  • narrative
  • visualization

Visualizing Montage: on the climax of suspense is a project about the visualization of film editing, regarding emblematic scenes of suspense films. Tension and emotion are inherent qualities of the climax moments of a thriller. Montage has an essential role in the construction of the film narrative and on the management of its dramatic effects. Thus, the climax of a film is capable of translating an editing style.

In order to create the visualizations, we selected a set of ten films, from classics of suspense to contemporary manifestations of the genre, analyzed according to three parameters: shot scale, shot transition and camera angle. The analysis of these parameters was later translated into graphical representations that reveal expressive, metric and rhythmic patterns.

By transposing the temporal dynamics of the film to a two-dimensional realm, Visualizing Montage offers a unique way of seeing and perceiving film montage. This strategy dissects and condenses montage in a single visual representation, highlighting the specificity of the narrative construction. These views can be understood as a "reverse engineering" of the film, revealing its structure and language, as an editing notation system.