Archeology of a digital identity

Um desenho virtual partilhado
Website (visualização de informação)
Melany Abade
  • Virtual identity
  • visualization
  • data
  • information
  • social networks

Data.Me is a project that explores the "digital I" by examining what we communicate online through the data we provide, in a voluntary and involuntarily manner, in our post-digital daily life. The project explores the visualization of the data we provide, particularly in social networks, according to different identity categories, such as preferences, emotional profile, physical profile and geographical map.

As the results of a process of analysis, the visualizations are based, firstly, on the translation of the information collected online into graphics, and secondly, on a further exploration of the aesthetic qualities of the visual representation of information.

Assuming that online we are all composed of many "digital heteronyms", Data.Me explores the multiple stories that we communicate through the data we provide, seeking to reflect on how they define our image and identity.