Gestural Abstraction Interface

A shared virtual drawing

Um desenho virtual partilhado
Interactive installation
Ana Queiroz
  • interaction
  • engagement
  • gesture
  • drawing
  • dialogue

Gestural Abstraction Interface is an installation that promotes the exploration of graphic expression, in response to human gesture, through the creation of a collaborative drawing between two users.

The position and gestures of the participants are captured by a sensor and transferred to a computer that transforms the collected information in graphics that are projected in real time, thus forming the drawing. The body, particularly the hands, their position in space and their relative position are the tools and parameters that allow each user to perform and control the drawing.

The installation mediates the communication between users through its reactive ability, giving them an active conversational role in controlling the graphic expression. In this manner, it promotes interaction and encourages participation, exploration and discovery of the system, as fundamental attributes of the project experience.